Vision, Mission & Objectives

A Centre of Excellence in Tertiary Education Quality Assurance with a strong membership base that influences Tertiary Education in the Caribbean!

President's Report

During the period under review, the following activities were conducted:
Board of Management Meeting
1. The Board of Management assumed office effective October 8, 2009 and commenced planning and direction during its first meeting held on November 4, 2009 in Trinidad.
Working Committee - Constitution
2. A Working Committee was established to review the Constitution. A progress report will be provided at the Annual General Meeting.
3. In 2009, CANQATE entered into an agreement with the UNESCO for World Bank funding provided through the Global Initiative for Quality Assurance Capacity (GIQAC) aimed at capacity-building of its membership. The funding granted to CANQATE was US$63,900.00 to undertake the following projects:
Upgrading of the website
Conducting a Baseline Study for Peer Review Training
Strengthening the Clearinghouse
Providing development and networking opportunities; and
Undertake a Review of the Projects.
4. The project period ends on November 30. On Monday, November 22, the Board of Management met with Ms. Emily Helmeid, Consultant of UNESCO to discuss the progress of the projects.
5. CANQATE has submitted a new proposal aimed at further capacity-building for the next round of funding for projects which are expected to commence within the first quarter of 2011.
 Workshop for External Quality Assurance Agencies
6. On November 4, a workshop for new, emerging and established External Quality Assurance Agencies (EQAAs) was held to discuss areas of common concern and to agree on a harmonize approach to quality assurance processes and procedures. The workshop was attended by the following EQAAs/representatives:
Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago
Barbados Accreditation Council
 National Accreditation Board of St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Office of the Prime Minister, St. Lucia
University Council of Jamaica
7. The facilitator was Dr. Ruby Alleyne, former Executive Director of the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago, currently Vice President, Quality Assurance at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. From that workshop, the EQAAs agreed to possible areas for collaboration to be incorporated into a Memorandum of Understanding.
8. A meeting of the EQAAs will be held on Friday, 26th November to review for approval a draft Memorandum of Understanding developed by Mr. Michael Theodore, Attorney-at-law and member of CANQATE.
9. The Board of Management wishes to express appreciation to Dr. Alleyne and Mr. Theodore for readily offering their expertise to further the work of CANQATE.
Hosting of the 2009 Conference
10. CANQATE extends sincere thanks and appreciation to the Government of Barbados and the Barbados Accreditation Council for the hosting of a successful conference in 2009.
Hosting of the 2010 Conference
11. The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting this year’s Conference from November 23-26 under the theme “Continuously Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education for Global Competitiveness”. The Conference venue is National Arts Performing Auditorium in Port-of-Spain. The Pre Conference Workshop has its theme “Effective Governance and Administration at Higher Education Institutions”.
12. Approximately, one hundred and twenty-two participants are expected to attend the Pre Conference and Conference.
Treasurer’s Report
13. The Treasurer will present the audited accounts for the financial year September 1, 2009 to August 31, 2010.
14. Secretariat – Clearinghouse and Communication Responsibilities
  Ms. Katrina Ifill has been engaged to provide part-time administrative assistance to the Secretariat. Her responsibilities include preparation of the newsletter and updating of the website.
15. Financial assistance has been provided through the CANQATE/GIQAC project with institutional strengthening of the clearinghouse facility.
Annual Newsletter
16. The 2010 Newsletter has been published and is currently available to members via hard copy. It is anticipated that the electronic version will be made available by month end on the new CANQATE website.
17. During the period under review, CANQATE has made significant strides aimed at capacity building via key mechanisms such as the upgrading of the website; exposing the membership to regional and extra-regional developmental opportunities and building relations between the external quality assurance agencies through the harmonization of standards, policies and procedures.
18. CANQATE looks forward to the continuous improvement and achievement of its strategic goals in the coming New Year.